Zayn Malik Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ Against Harassment Charge Filed by Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda has accused Zayn of getting violent with her

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid seems to have parted ways yet again, but this time, things have taken an uglier turn. After the split was confirmed, Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid has come forward accusing Zayn of getting violent with her and filed an official complaint.

Zayn refuted all allegations, but ended up pleading no contest on the punishment he was received – almost 360 days on probation. The singer stated that he will be staying quiet and choose the least problematic approach for his daughter Khai’s sake.

Zayn and Yolanda’s history

Zayn Malik

With news of Zayn attacking Yolanda, one would think there would be years of bad blood between the pair. But according to a Harper’s Bazaar interview published in July this year, Gigi stated that Zayn usually took her mother’s side whenever any arguments broke out between her and Yolanda. Her comment didn’t have malice in any sorts, and just said that he’s more comfortable in speaking his mind.

However, in the court documents, he was stated to be enraged and “continuous cursing” at Yolanda and called her a “f***ing Dutch slut.” He also ordered her to stay away from his daughter. He also told to defend him in his own house from her mother. According to a TMZ report, the 28-year-old also tried to fight a man, later identified to be a security guard.

Broken up for good?

Yolanda, Bella, and Gigi

Zayn and Gigi had an on-off relationship for almost six years. Their last big breakup was sometime in 2019, but rekindled at the end of the year. In September 2020, they welcomed their daughter Khai.

We have no report on when the incident with Yolanda took place, but the pair broke up after it happened. They continued to co-parent their daughter, but not together. They attempted to rekindle yet again for their daughter’s sake, but nothing worked out.

However, it still too soon to say whether they have broken up for good. As per The Sun, it was Gigi who initiated the current split, but they had plans to get back together later, since they’ve done it before. The source added that Gigi was trying to end the conflict between her mother and partner by giving them space, but it’s not working out.