Jake Gyllenhaal Teams Up with Guy Ritchie for Thriller Drama, ‘The Interpreter’

The movie’s sales to get potential buyers is up

Fresh off the success of his Netflix movie, The Guilty, Jake Gyllenhaal has just signed on to star in Guy Ritchie’s action-thriller The Interpreter.

STX International is currently looking for a production company to scoop up the rights for the movie, which tells the story of a soldier who returns to a warzone to repay a debt to his interpreter.

About the movie

Jake Gyllenhaal in 'The Guilty'

Gyllenhaal will star as Sgt. John Kinley, who teamed up with a local interpreter named Ahmed on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. When an ambush broke out, Kinley’s unit got wiped out, and only he and Ahmed survived. Kinley was badly injured in the attack, and Ahmed risks his life to carry him for miles across dangerous territories. For his bravery, Ahmed and his family was promised safe passage to the United States.

Kinley makes it back to the United States safely, but he finds out that Ahmed and his family wasn’t given what they were promised. Determined to repay his debt and protect his friend to the very end, Kinley makes it back to the warzone so that he can retrieve Ahmed and his family before local militias catch hold of them.

Ritchie said that the inspiration to tell this touching and compelling story came after he spoke to soldiers who had interpreters risking their lives for them.

Other projects

Guy Ritchie on set of 'Wrath of Man'

Principal photography on The Interpreter will begin on location in Spain on Jan 10, 2022.

Meanwhile, Ritchie is busy with the release of Jason Statham-starrer Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre. The movie releases on January 21, 2022.  Gyllenhaal is now gearing up for the release of Michael Bay’s action film, The Ambulance, also releasing next year.