Who is Starfox? Learn About this Mystery Character Who’ll be a Big Part of the MCU

Thanos’ little brother is here!

Before we proceed, know that spoilers are ahead.

In the end credits scene of Marvel’s The Eternals, former One Direction member Harry Styles showed up. When asked of his identity, he says he is Eros.

Starfox’s history

Eros, or Eros of Titan, or Starfox is a fictional superhero who appears in Marvel Comics. His first appearance was in The Invincible Iron Man #55 in February 1973. He was part of many team-ups, most notably a part of the Eternals.

Thanos and Eros
Marvel Studios

However, Starfox is best known as the younger brother of Thanos, the mad Titan. Like Thanos, Eros was born in the planet Titan, but he was also one who never got along with his elder brother and opposed his ideals. Aside from the Eternals, he was also a part of the Avengers and Dark Guardians.

In the comics when Thanos went on a crusade to concquer Titan, Eros sided with the survivors and fought alongside cosmic heroes like Captain Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers’ mentor. He received the name Starfox when he joined the Avengers.

Eros has superpowers like immense strength, agility, durability, and longevity, and is practically immortal. While he doesn’t have the physical strength of Thanos, he can psychically control other people’s emotions. That would be his greatest gift. He has a carefree nature, and during his occassional visits to Earth millenia ago, he used to make love blossom in humans. This led to the myths of Cupid.

Eros in the MCU

Harry Styles and the Eternals

In the books, Titanians are a branch of the Eternals. Thanos was an exception, as he had Deviant genes in him, which led to the purple and deformed look.

In the movie, Eros has a sphere with him, that allows him to contact Arishem, the First Celestial. His accomplice Pip the Troll presents him as Thanos’ brother. So this means, Thanos has a bigger connection, which can be explored in the future.