When will Halo Infinite Games be releasing? Find what Microsoft has revealed.

Halo Infinite is supposed to be released later this year. Since E3 has been canceled this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is safe to say that Microsoft, of course, is not going to go without announcing anything this summer.

They are going to do an event in the summer. Microsoft is going to do their live event and placement of what they were supposed to reveal and showcase during E3. During this event, one thing we can definitely expect is a new Halo Infinite trailer, possibly gameplay; and if you do see some gameplay, it is going to be very minimal.

But honestly, it will be too early for gameplay. Possibility of delaying the game is the least as Microsoft has been stating that things are pretty much on schedule, and they sure seem confident.


Master Chief and Bule team returned to reach. A while back in the Xbox series x trailer announcement thing, we got cinematic of Chief on an unknown planet, and there is no Halo ray in sight, which means this is most likely, reach. There is a massive battle that might have humans involved in it, happening on the wasteland of the reach.

It has already started by Microsoft that they are planning on releasing their Xbox series X in the winter over the holiday season. Usually, when it comes to video game releases, big titles and big releases usually happen between November and December.

So, it is safe to say that around those are the ones we are gonna see the Xbox series release, and when that happens, we will obviously see the Halo Infinite game release as well.