Have a Look At Some Exclusive News About The Popular Anime Series Overlord! Will it ever release? Read to find out.

Fans were pretty much hooked to the series that was loosely based on the Japanese light novel based dark fantasy drama. With the overwhelming response from fans, the anime series was soon renewed for back to back three seasons. Let us look into the details.

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Overlord Season 4: Release Date, Plot Development, And Other Spoilers Ahead.

However, fans are now curious to know whether the manga series is returning for more seasons or not! Considering that the third season ended with a whole lot of cliffhangers, there is a strong possibility of the series returning for more.

The third season ended with Gazef Stronoff challenging Ainz Ooal Gown for combat even though Gazef was strengthen at that point . However, it was soon after hearing the challenge that Ainz tried to understand the unknown power to kill the opponent. So get ready for a action Packed fourth season ahead with too many twists and turns on the way. Only time will tell how the whole action pans out in the upcoming season.

What All Are We Going To See In The Upcoming Fourth Season of The Anime Series?

While the finale episode ended with a huge twist and a question as well when Ainz used the time-spell to prevent himself and takedown Gazef. Fans are curious to.know the rest as this is the moment at which the last episode ended.

Moreover, while no official date has been announced yet by the makers or the Anime studios, the wait might be prolonged due to the Coronavirus outbreak,. With production halted the delay is pretty much expected. So wait till a date is finally on it’s way soon enough or that’s what we hope !