What Nashville expects for the new Mayor? New ruler, Elections on Thursday.

Nashvillians are getting prepared to decide and cast their votes for who gets to sit on the chair of the mayor of their city. The election is going to take place on 1st August 2019.

The timings for the polls are from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. The position is being fought for by ten candidates who are elected for the 40 seats which include the five at-large chairs of Metro Council.

The elections for the position of mayor is considered to be one of the high-profile competitions. Leaving that aside, one of the highlights of this poll is the usage of new voting machines. These machines provide a paper ballot after the vote gets cast. The newly designed voting machines work in the following way –

Step 1. The blank ballot paper given by the poll worker is to be inserted into the machine

Step 2. The touch-screen display of the machine will show the options. The selection of the candidate is to be made on the touch-screen display.

Step 3. The selected choice will be displayed next on the screen. Changes are to be made, if necessary.

Step 4. ‘Print’ is to be pressed next. The removal of the printed of the ballot is to be done from the machine.

Step 5. The printed ballot is to be inserted in the security scanner to end the process.

The ballots will be read by the scanner either the printed-side up or down. The printed-side down is preferred by the officials to safeguard the interest of the voters’ choices.

The newly designed voting machine.

Carrying one’s identity card is of utmost importance. The followings are the accepted photo identities any if which can be carried to the booth-

  1. The driver’s license which has a photo of the voter in it.
  2. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security issued a Photo Identity Card.
  3. U.S passport which has the photo of the passport holder.
  4. U.S Military Photo Id
  5. Permit of Tennesee Handgun with the voter’s photo
  6. Photo ID issued by the Federal or Tennesee State Government.