Fans Want Keanu Reeves to Play Wolverine? Craze Getting Popular Day by Day

Puppy lover Keanu Reeves had a particular interest in either playing Wolverine or Batman on silver screen years ago. The John Wick actor said in an interview that he would love to play both these characters but was lamented as he had no time to pursue the makers as the cast was already selected. Although, later seeing the current circumstances, the roles seem to be open as the actor playing Wolverine has officially retired and the one playing Batman has left the DC league.

Now that he is open to both the roles when asked by media to select one, he chose Wolverine to be his first choice. His choice went viral on social media, and the fans went so mad about their favorite Matrix actor now playing as the Wolverine, they started posting pictures of him in that particular role.

Then again, Hugh Jackman who has been playing Wolverine since ages told IMDB in 2017 that he accepts “Tom Hardy is an ideal fit for this role.”Twentieth Century Fox, as of late purchased by Disney with $52.4 billion, who claims the privileges of the “X-Men” establishment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has not settled on any choices concerning who will succeed Jackman. Reeves, 54, had a different acting profession with notable jobs like a resigned professional killer “John Wick,” an adorView Blog Postable loafer named Theodore in “Bill and Ted,” and his most well-known work as Neo in “The Matrix” arrangement, among the numerous sections in his long profession.

Be that as it may, Reeves has not played any real Marvel or DC superhuman, aside from the job of the cursed exorcist in “Constantine,” embraced from DC comic “Hellblazer” in 2005. In 2019, Reeves will show up in the profoundly foreseen “John Wick 3,” and “Toy Story 4.The action star included it was false that he was not accessible when the roles of Wolverine and Batman came up, however, that he essentially wasn’t cast for them. The Matrix star stated: It wasn’t that he couldn’t take it, it was cast.