Wang Leehom Makes Allegations Against Ex-Wife, Announces Break from Showbiz

The messy legal battle between the former couple continues to get messy

By now, many of us are familiar with the accusations that are faced by Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom from his former wife Lee Jinglei. Jinglei, 35, had shared a nine-page post on her official Instagram account where she accused Wang Leehom, 45, of multiple infidelities, solicitation of prostitutes, and verbally bullying her over the course of their marriage. It was released by Lee on December 17, 2 days after Wang announced their separation.

Wang’s allegations

Lee Jinglei and Wang Leehum with their kids

Wang Leehom responded on December 19, where he started off by saying that he was never unfaithful while they were married. He continued by saying that he was in a dilemma, which was that if he denies these allegations, it will reflect badly on the mother of his three children. On the other hand, if he stays silent, people will believe the rumours about him.

But he then stated that she forced him to marry her as she became pregnant a short time after they started dating. While Wang wanted to have children one day, he was not quite there at that time. But Lee threw a tantrum and said she will disappear with the baby and never be found again.

Lee had also mentioned in her posts that he is not giving her her fair share of assets upon divorce, but Wang said that Lee agreed to receive 150 million yuan from the divorce.

Taking a break

Leehom and wife

Due to all the drama, Wang Leehom has decided to take a break from his career as an idol, and will instead spend time with family. He said that he will bear full responsibility for causing trouble to his family, and for not giving the right images as an idol.