Trevor Noah only Worried For Kanye West, the Popular Comedian Clarifies his Stance

Trevor Noah and Kanye West don’t have any kind of “beef” with each other 

South African Comedian, writer, actor and the host of “The Daily show” Trevor Noah, in a statement he Denied the rumours of Beef with Kanye west, when a fan from the audience asked him about his feud with Kanye.

Trevor Noah
Credit: Trevor Noah’s Instagram

Replying to them He said, “Why would I beef with Kanye West?” a beef goes with both ways. The daily show host explained the meaning of beef by saying, beef happens between two hip-hop artists ‘I always cared and concerned about Kanye west. I have never beefed with him.

Does Kanye and Trevor have beef?

In March on The Daily Show Trevor Noah talked about How Kanye West is harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson. the comedian addressed Kanye’s mental health issues and said his behavior towards the couple is uncomfortable to see on the internet.

Kanye west
Credit: AP

After the episode went on air Kanye West defended himself on Noah’s comment and called, Trevor a “racial slur”, west shared some screenshots of internet search for Trevor Noah, with a caption using the word slur many times on his Instagram post.

Trevor Noah on “Beef” with Kanye West

After the feud between Kanye and Trevor, recently the latter gave some statements when a member from the audience asked him about beefing with Kanye west. He said I was never beefing with Kanye. I was just concerned for him. he told the audience growing up he loved Kanye, “I still love him despite the s*** that he talks, he can be an a******.

Kanye West
Credit: NBC

The American rapper has been always involved in controversies, whether it’s about giving statements, or his Instagram posts. He has been banned from many social media Apps, and many brands have cut their ties with Kanye West.