The Tussle Between Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid gets Bigger and Complicated

Zayn Malik responded to the allegations against him

The music icon, Zayn Malik has pleaded no contest to charges against super model ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid as well as her mother Yolanda Hadid following an argument at their Pennsylvania home.

The major showdown

Earlier in September, the 28-years-old singer was alleged for four cases of harassment. According to the court documents, on 29th of September during an dispute Zayn allegedly grabbed Gigi’ mother Yolanda and pushed her into a dresser. The act caused her both physical pain and mental anguish.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik | Instagram

The singer continuously cursed Yolanda and asked her to stay away from his daughter. According to the legal documents the One Direction member also verbally abused her ex partner Gigi while saying she should put on some courage and defend him instead of defending Yolanda at his house.

The documents says that an additional charge was against John McMahon whom the singer tried to fight with while cursing on him constantly. Owing to the incident, Zayn and Gigi have split up after six years of togetherness. They share a daughter together named, “Khai” who they welcomed last year on 23rd of September.

Zayn’ statement regarding the allegations

On Thursday, the singer took his Twitter handle to issue a statement in response of the allegations. In the tweet the singer stated that he is a private person and also wants to create a safe and private environment for his daughter to grow up in.

Zayn Malik | Instagram

And in private spaces family matters are not thrown on world stages. It has been assumed by people that Zayn was referring Yolanda Hadid in that statement. The singer also added that for the sake of their daughter, he has pleaded no contest to the charges.

The “She Don’t Love Me” singer would have to serve 90 days of trial for each allegation which makes it 360 days. Zayn is also required to complete an anger management class as well as a domestic violence program. The singer is prohibited to make contact with Yolanda Hadid and John McMahon.