Countdown Begins for Super Junior D&E’s Upcoming Album “COUNTDOWN” with 24 Hours to go!

COUNTDOWN is almost here!

Super Junior D&E’s new album is knocking on the door. On 25th of October the popular boy band has revealed some super dreamy teaser photos for their forthcoming full length album COUNTDOWN.

The famous South Korean two army boy band was formed by SM Entertainment in 2011. Donghae and Eunhyuk are the members of the group. They debuted in Super Junior on 16th of December with their digital single “Oppa Oppa”. Later they created projects like Saturday Night, Can You Feel It?, RUM DEE DEE, To You, Tomorrow, Dreamer, Growing Pains, SUNRISE, ‘Bout you and more.

Super Junior
Super Junior | Instagram

The group’s member Donghae signed with SM Entertainment in 2001, after winning in prize at Youth Best Contest. Under the agency he learnt singing, dancing as well as acting.

On the other side Eunhyuk also known as Lee Hyuk Jae is singer, songwriter as well as television host. He gained people’s attention as main dancer of Super Junior. Eunhyuk starred in several shows such as Star King (2009–11), Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (2009–2011) and Strong Heart.

Their upcoming album COUNTDOWN will be releasing on 2nd November at 6 PM KST. The album will celebrate their debut anniversary while the title refers to the group’s new start.

The dreamy teaser

Six teaser images has been released in their official Instagram keeping flowing water as background which is a combination of teaser imager of the singers’ recent digital single- California Love and Be.

Super Junior
Super Junior | Instagram

One of the teaser image has the background of butterflies. SM Entertainment explained those images saying that Donghae’s space of “pouring light and flowing water” comes together with Eunhyuk’s space of “pouring sunset and flowing wind.”