Atlanta: Donald Glover Celebrates Halloween By Dropping Teaser of Season 3

Hard to categorize whether Donald Glover has given his season 3 trick or treat

So it is Halloween this week, and everyone is partying out there. But the real party is being enjoyed by the “Atlanta” series’ fans who were eagerly waiting for the season 3 update.

“Atlanta” is a comedy and drama television series that is created by Donald Glover. The first season of the show came almost five years ago on September 6 on FX. The series centers around a college dropout (Earn Marks) who is also a music manager and rapper Paper Boi. 

The show has received many awards and nominations that also include Golden Globe Awards. as the show was a huge success, it of course deserved a renewal. The creators have already confirmed that they are all set to extend the show for 4th season. Therefore, “Atlanta” is officially renewed for season 3 and season 4. As for season 4, it is a future event. But for season 3, we have a teaser and a soon to be confirmed release date.

“Atlanta” season 3 teaser 

Sunday turned out to be pretty special after “Atlanta” creator Glover tweeted a link. The link was “” which contained the actual Halloween trick or treat. The link was then redirected to the teaser of the upcoming season. The teaser was filled up with b-roll footage and zoom on Paper Boi. Later, the “Atlanta” logo was displayed and the number “2022” flashed at last. 

Fans were eagerly waiting for more details. However, in august, the F chairperson John Landgraf already shared much of the production news. 

When will season 3 of “Atlanta” be released?

The creators have not marked any details yet. However, they have promised that they will be pinning a release date within a few months. Moreover, the show is also confirmed to release in 2022.