‘Tekashi69’ to get released Confirmed or is it just another rumour? Revealed Story!!!

Tekashi69’s girlfriend Jade sparked talks about his release from jail in the next six months, is it true? We’ll have to find out

The colorful American rapper and songwriter Daniel Hernandez, popularly known as 6ix9ine and Tekashi69 is hinted to be released within six months. The rapper who shot to fame in 2017 with his debut single ‘Gummo’ which entered at number 12 on Billboard Hot 100 and became a national hit, continued to enjoy the fame in his short-lived career with his next 13 songs, that also went onto become huge hits in the market, till he got arrested for racketeering and firearms charges in late 2018.

The Arrest

Racketeering is an organized criminal activity which attracts a minimum 32 years of the sentence; Tekashi69, along with his team, is accused of various criminal conspiracies including drug dealing and ordered shootings. 6ix9nine had pleaded guilty in the court to all the charges that levied penalty up to 47 years in prison, but for his cooperation to the federal unit, the US Attorney office in New York agreed not to prosecute the tattooed rapper. However, a Federal Judge will make the ultimate decision during the January 2020 hearing.

Jade, the girlfriend of rapper Tekashi69

The rapper’s former associate Kooda B pleaded guilty in the court last month, claiming that he organized the shooting because 6ix9nine had asked him to do so.

Truth or Hearsay?

Amidst all the news surrounding the case, a new development came in front yesterday when 6ix9nine’s girlfriend, Jade posted a picture of her flashing her tattoos dedicated to the rapper, which previously was captioned, “6 more months mother****”  with a rainbow emoticon, assumed to be linked with rapper’s rainbow-colored hair but was changed into “these jail calls are serious”.

Now, only time will tell if Jade spilled the truth accidentally or it was just another rumor.