‘Taylor is Free’ Trends as the Youth Singer Taylor Swift Finally gets to Re-record her Old Music

Taylor Swift is coming back and how!

Twitter has always been a platform of trending. From celebrities to hashtags all have fall under the category of trending at some time or other. In the recent times it was Taylor Swift, the famous American singer. She is trending on Twitter after she announced the possibility of her re-recording her old classic songs. Taylor has given a number of hits in her entire career, whereas this year she gave her fans Folklore, which is taken to be in her biggest hits this year.

In 2019 Taylor revealed to her fans that Scooter Braun is acquiring her masters and Big Machine Records which are making it not possible for her to perform her old songs. Taylor asked her fans to help her after she was barred from performing one of her famous hits on the American Music Awards. Thus, the trend Taylor is free is trending on Twitter by the fans as they  wait for Taylor to re-record her old songs. In 2019 the American singer in an interview with The Good Morning America said, “My contract says that starting November 2020, so next year, I can record albums one through five all over again.” Hence the fans started to fire the tweet Taylor is free on Twitter in support of their beloved American artist and in the excitement of her re-recording her old classics.

Courtesy: shutterstock

The look what you made me star is all set for blazing 2020 for her fans by re-recording her decade-old hit classics and the excitement in her fans can be measured by the fire on Twitter with Taylor is free and retweets. We all surely cant wait for her to start the recording and make 2020 better with her albums resurfacing on the internet making her fans go  crazy like never before.