The Mandalorian has Hit it Out of the Park with the Premiere of Season 2! Review

The Disney+ Star Wars series has returned on Friday making the fans all excited with new weekly episodes. The fun opening starring Timothy Olyphant with his magnificent glory. The space western had established a formula in 2019’s first season. Episodes used to be individual adventure generally Mando (Pedro Pascal) saving the town from the nemesis or taking in some money by doing a job but other than the individual adventures, the episodes also showed a part of the battle with the Galactic Empire.

Season 1 finale showed that Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) had survived the Mandalorian crashing his TIE fighter and also that he succeed in cutting his way back with a black lightsaber. Whereas the fan expected season 2 to show Baby Yoda‘s back story and his origin and significance but instead it showed how Mandalorian helps a town and nearby Sand People take down a “Krayt Dragon”.

Credit: Disney+

The season starts with Mando trying reuniting with Baby Yoda thus starts searching for other Mandalorians. In between, he is acknowledged about a Tatooine so he goes there and but to his amazement finds out that instead of being one of the brethren it’s a local marshal Cobb Vanth (Olyphant) who wore the same green armor Mando was familiar with. As Mando believed the armor belonged to him and only him so he struck a deal with Vanth to get rid of the dragon and take away the armor but also ends up being the peacemaker between the villagers and Tusken Raiders.

The season is a mixture of both the standard Mandalorian plot and regular western story. The audience is waiting for the next 3 episodes of the gripping psychological thriller.

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