Coffee Prince: One of the First Astounding Korean Series that Introduced World to the Beautiful K Drama World

Korean drama have always been a quite popular choice among the audiences to watch online. The choices for them always remain of plenty as wide variety of shows are available to enjoy online.  Similarly, going with the trend there is a South Korean tv drama that aired back in 2007 in the month of July and August everyone wasn’t sure enough if that’s going to get popular among the audiences. Star appearance like Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul a wealthy playboy who had to prove his worthiness to be the successor to his grandmother’s fortune. Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan a tomboyish girl who pretends to be a man to work with the male lead Gong Yoo. Later on, this show became a hit and not only in South Korea but also overseas.

The main plot is concerned with the emotional whereabouts of Han Kyul and the love conflict between him and Eun Chan, who he thinks of as a male, whereas Eun Chan has her own part of struggles with feeling insecure about her feminine nature and finances. Coffee Prince is more than a romantic drama but also discussed gender  identification and the social pressure on every individual to act in a manner of their masculinity and feminity and the basic definition of romance in patriarchy.

13 years of the popularity of the show which was only possible with the perfect direction by Lee Yoon Jung and the extraordinary script of Lee Jung Ah. With all the topics and themes picturization and concept, the show is a big hit and success. The heart of the plot, the romance between the leads is intense and pure and mental conflict of the characters.