Steven Spielberg didn’t like concept of streaming platforms, takes dig at Warner Bros’s network HBO

Steven Spielberg hates HBO’s streaming services

Recently speaking to New York Times Steven Spielberg gave some statements about what changes covid-19 pandemic in 2020 have made in the film industry. the director hates the treatment of streaming services towards the filmmakers. He aimed at Warner Bros and its network streaming service HBO Max.

Steven Spielberg
Credit: AP

“Pandemic created tons of opportunities for the streaming services and raised their subscriptions and became record-breaking, while some of my best filmmaker friends were thrown under the bus because their movies were unceremoniously not given theatrical release, films were suddenly relegated to, and then everything started to change”.

He also talked about loss of special experiences which audience can only experience at the theaters. Spielberg said older audiences were relieved that they don’t have to step on sticky popcorn, but when the same audience got into the theater, magic of being with many strange people is tonic. he pointed at some signs “going to theater still has some legs”.

The King of Entertainment

Steven Spielberg The king of Entertainment, who changed the cinematic world, by directing, producing and writing films, he made a New Hollywood era and some modern blockbuster, he is of the most commercially successful director of all time. His techniques not only influenced our future filmmakers but made them think and produce for the new era.

Steven Spielberg
Credit: Film magic

Steven Spielberg is creating amazing films since 80’s till now, he never disappoints his audience and always comes with something creative in the industry, and for creating such movies he is known as the king of entertainment.

Spielberg is fond of Movie Theaters and in his statements, he said that he hates the streaming services concept as they can shut the cinema theaters permanently. “it’s encouraging that a lot of older people went to see the film “Elvis” which broke $100 million at domestic box office, it gave me hope and I think movies will come back. I really do.”