Squid Game Creates Another Record for Korea & Netflix by Scoring Multiple Nomination at SAG!

Squid Game SAG Nominations- Another Record Broken

Squid Game has earned 4 SAG nominations. The T.V. series, Squid Game took the whole world by a storm this past year. It became the most watched watched Netflix series ever. The Hwang Dong-hyuk directed show topped the charts in 90 countries. This show came out in September of 2021 and with it’s beautiful storytelling and even more beautifully designed sets, was loved and watched in over 142 million households.

Squid Game SAG nomination

This show did an amazing job in portraying the greed and hierarchy that exists in a modern capitalist society like South Korea and to say that Squid Game made a lasting impact would be an understatement.

Multiple Nominations at SAG

This show has made history and broken multiple records including being the first foreign language T.V. series to be nominated for the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG), but it doesn’t stop just there, Squid Game has been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in not only 1 but 4 categories including Best ensemble in a drama series, Best stunt ensemble in a T.V. series.

Actress Ho young, who played the role of Sae Byok and actor Lee Jung Jae, the protagonist in the series, who took on the role of Seong Gi-hyun have also earned nominations in the Best female and male actors in a drama series respectively.

Squid Game SAG nomination

The 4 nominations that Squid Game earned in the SAG awards only goes on to show that South Korea is not only on its way to showcase their talent to the world but to make a place for itself in Hollywood. Film making like that of Parasite and Squid Game are proofs to that.tS

Squid Game SAG nomination

Stories like these are not only made for entertainment but they force the viewer to become more conscious of their social and political environment. South Korea has manifested their talent in a multitude of ways and will continue to do so in the future.