The Pop Star Britney Spears Blasts Sister Jamie Spears for her Interview & Using her for Promotion!

Spears sisters embroiled in a feud!

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears have seemingly gotten into a feud in recent times.

Jamie Lynn Spears sat down in an interview with Good Morning America to talk about her first ever memoir titled “Things I Should Have Said” and revealed things that her sister, Britney Spears was not particularly pleased about.

The American singer- songwriter Britney Spears after watching that interview made a tweet in which she confessed that at the time of watching that interview, she was running a fever of about 104 and further also went on to explain what exactly she found unsettling about her sister’s interview.

Britney Spears
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Jamie Lynn’s interview

The American actress Jamie Lynn Spears, best known for her role as Zoey in the well known Disney T.V. series Zoey 101, is all ready to release her first memoir on 18th of January, 2022. The actress recently gave an interview to promote her memoir. A lot of secrets were unfolded by Jamie Lynn spears. The actress revealed that she was trying to honour her sister’s her sister’s legacy through remixes of Britney Spears’s songs, due to which the latter was quite unhappy.

Britney’s Tweet

Britney Spears expressed her disappointment in an extensive tweet that she made on Thursday. She subtly replied to all of Jamie Lynn Spears’s comments on Good Morning America. The famous popstar, in her tweet said that her sister was not certainly in touch with Britney about 15 years ago. Therefore, implying that Jamie Lynn Spears was not knowledgeable enough to make the claims that she did.

Spears sister feud
Instagram/Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears later went on to accuse her sister of using her name only to promote her memoir. The singer, who recently got out of a conservatorship also unfollowed her sister, Jamie prior to Christmas.

The two sisters do not appear to be on good terms even now. All we can do is hope that this feud comes to an end.