Spider-Man: Freshman Year – The Story and Timeline for the new Animated Disney+ Series to Stun the Fans

Fans are eager to unfold Spider-Man: Freshman Year!

Even though we might have to say goodbye to the original MCU Spider-Man trilogy with Spider-Man: No Way Home, we will be seeing him return on Disney+ with the animated series, Spider-Man: Freshman YearThe show is said to be unlike any other animated show created by Marvel.

Characters that can be included

Peter in What If...?

First off, Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be about Peter in his first year of high school. This was the time when he gets bitten by the radioactive spider, and discovers his special powers. Another interesting aspect of the show is that the art style will be similar to the art the first Spider-Man comics had.

As for the villains, the MCU Spidey has faced Vulture, Mysterio, and even Thanos. But who did he face at the start, aside from muggers and petty criminals? Perhaps there won’t be a villain, and we just see Peter adjusting to his new lifestyle, but at the same time, finding himself in all sorts of trouble.

Next up is whether we get to see new heroes or characters. Many other spider-related characters have originated from Spider-Man, such as Gwen Stacy becoming Ghost-Spider, and Cindy Moon, who shares an origin with Peter, becoming Silk. The character Cindy Moon also appeared briefly in Homecoming, even though she wasn’t shown afterwards.

Is Spider-Man: Freshman Year a canon?

First Spider-Man comic

In almost every Spider-Man adaptation, Peter designs his own costume. In the MCU, he was running around with his own creation until Tony Stark gives him an upgraded one. If the story is set in the MCU canon, we will be seeing Peter in his home-made suit throughout.

But that means we will also get to see his origin story, and maybe even Uncle Ben’s death. The two incidents are the core aspects of his superhero career, with the line ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

As for the release date, we can expect it to come sometime in 2023 or 2024.