SNL: Dave Chappelle gets boycotted by his own writers

Dave Chappelle never misses a controversy!

Dave Chappelle is a standup comedian from America who is best known for his satirical comedy in series Chappelle’s Show which aired from 2003 to 2006 and ended with unexpected resignation of the comedian in the middle of production during the third season.  

Dave Chappelle
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Dave Chappelle was not seen after his controversy in 2020. According to reports he was found cracking jokes which caused harm to the sentiments of few communities. His jokes focused a larger section of trans people. He was seen targeting a transgender person to be a trans friend and many of his mates.

Apart from that, he was selected to host “Saturday Night Live” to which many people opposed to. The writers of the show are boycotting him due to the past experience of his targeted jokes.

Dave Chappelle wasn’t aware about the boycott

Even after the news is revolving around the whole internet the reports suggests that Chappelle is not even aware of the boycott. He attended a meeting with the writers and producers which went smooth, and his rep said, “there was no evidence of a boycott.”

They added that the room was full of writers, and everyone pitched ideas with excitement.

Chappelle said, “no signs of a boycott.”
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Apart from that an insider told, “They’re not going to do the show, but none of the actors are boycotting.”

Meanwhile, the “SNL” writer Celeste Yim took to Instagram and posted story about is disapproval and opposition against Chappelle. He wrote in his story, “I’m trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns.” He further added that Transphobia is murder, and it should be condemned. he completely opposes Dave’s jokes.

However, the show is leading as and when its first non-binary cast member Molly Kearney returns in September.

That was all about the show, keep a track to know all the controversies!