Lindsay Lohan comeback movie with Chord Overstreet – “Falling For Christmas” : REVIEW

Does Lindsay Lohan’s “Falling For Christmas” really make us fall for it?

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan and equally delightful co-star Chord Overstreet are in this feel-good movie. The new holiday movie, released November 10th on Netflix, marks a big comeback for Lohan. “Falling For Christmas” is the first movie to come from Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix deal, and is her first film in three years. 

Falling for Christmas attempts to join Lindsay Lohan’s storied resume of rom-coms, but does not get anywhere near that. The movie is a simultaneous Christmas gem on Netflix, featuring strong performances from Chord Overstreet.

Lindsay Lohan | Falling for Christmas
Credit: Netflix

About the movie & review

Within the first minute of the movie, Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan, as Sierra, has a slo-mo intro, complete with perfect pre-ski attire befitting the heiress. She turns out funny when amnesia hits her out of the blue.

Falling for Christmas has a bit more heart than Brooke Shields’s previously mentioned vehicle, and much of that is due to the genuineness with which Lohan approaches Sierra just like how she is trying to find her own way in the world of her real life.

Well, with Sierra, daughter of a widower, struggling with her past, present, and future over the holidays, and with a plethora of snow globes provided by a Botoxed Santa Stand-In, it is clear that Falling for Christmas is Lohan’s simple yet nice return to the industry.

This movie will feel like a time machine; it will send us back to 2004 when movies were filled with plot holes and stupid one-liners and had a slightly bland romantic angle. Knowing where delicious cinema is, it becomes one of the year’s good Christmas films, either as a rom-com or a holiday film. It rides on the wave of the Christmas spirit, and the tracks of films that came before, making for a satisfying and happy ending watch.