Adidas to Revamp Yeezy Collection After Terminating Partnership with Controversial Kanye West

Adidas revamped Yeezy Line 

After Adidas cut ties with Kanye West, the sports wear company to revamp Yeezy products. The financial officer of the company said they will release more Yeezy’s, but without Kanye West. adidas and Kanye West began its partnership in 2013, lately in October they announced the news of cutting ties with the musician.

Credit: AP

On 9 November, Harm Ohlmeyer chief financial officer said “adidas is own owner of all the design rights registered to existing products, and we will use these rights as early as 2023”, he didn’t make any other announcement, but explained, that they need some time to review what are the best options.

The company is the owner of all the versions and new colorways and it’s our IP, a reporter asked Ohlmeyer, that if there’s any kind of reputation risk to the company to which he replied, “we will work through all the options”.

Ye’s feud with Adidas

King of controversies, Kanye West is always making trouble through his social media posts, and now his comment on the company, turned himself into a big trouble which was his nightmare.

Kanye West
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On October 9, he posted “tonight I’m sleepy, but when I’ll wakeup I’m going to death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE, which is a reference code to US military, his tweet was deleted by twitter, he even claimed that George Floyd died from drug, and defended the police Officer who killed Floyd.

He even once said that he is not sorry for his comments, and he doesn’t believe in the term antisemitism.

Adidas on Ye’s hate comments

On Tuesday in a statement adidas wrote, that they do not tolerate antisemitism or any sort of hate speech, Kanye’s comments hurt people’s sentiments they are dangerous, it violates the company’s values, diversity and inclusion.

Kanye West | Adidas
Credit: Adidas Group

As a result, the company ended its partnership with Kanye, although the company will continue selling Yeezy but without the Yeezy name.