Sixth Sense Gets Renewed for Season 3 with All Cast Members to Return!

Production date is currently set for February

tvN’s entertaining reality show Sixth Sense is returning with the third season.

The news was reported on December 27 by Xportsnews, which was later confirmed by tvN themselves. The new season will start production sometime in February, and all the cast members who had appeared in season 2 will return as well.

What is the show about?

Sixth Sense premiered on September 3, 2020 and went on till October 29 every Thursday at 20: 40 KST. Season 2 began in June 25, 2021, and went on till September 24, and till now, there are a total of 22 episodes.

The Sixth Sense

How is the game played? In each episode, the five cast members get together, along with a guest member who is known as the Sixth Man. Together, they will have to visit three different places or people. However, one out of these 3 scenarios are entirely fabricated by the production team and the players (including the Sixth Man) will have to figure out which one this is. They will need to use their “sixth senses” to understand which one is the lie and vote accordingly.

The players who voted correctly will get to divide 6 gold persimmons among themselves, while those who voted wrong will be punished. The punishment will be to do the intro for the next episode without their eyebrows. If the Sixth Man is in the list of losers, they will have to post photos on their social media without eyebrows.

Changes in season 2

The Sixth Sense

tvNSeason two of Sixth Sense had some changes. Those who voted correctly will receive only 1 gold persimmon. The eyebrow-shaving punishment has been removed. And the one to win the most will get a big prize on the season finale.

The cast or competitors include Yoo Jae-suk, Oh Na-ra, Jeon So-min, Jessi, Mijoo, and Lee Sang-yeob (who joined in season 2).