Sia is all Set with a Big Christmas Gift for her Fans this Holiday Season

It seems like singing sensation Sia is back with her newest album, Everyday Is Christmas. As the field suggests, the star made sure that she brings all the happiness and love during this holiday.

Sia Is All Set With Her Newest Christmas Love Song Snowman And Fans Love It! 

While this year has not exactly been a very cheerful time for people all around the world, Sia aims to bring back the holiday spirit with her Christmas love song called Snowman. Here’s the official music video of Snowman and it gave us the holiday feels!

As the singer talks about her latest Christmas album, she further says that there is a bit of a shortage of good Christmas music. Sia further explains that will there are some good old classic songs, there’s nothing new and she wasn’t exactly vibing that much on it. So, she thought of releasing a Christmas song with the holiday magic in it. 

Sia Talks About The Shortage Of Good Chrismas Music.

Fans are already quite liking her newest song Snowman and it seems like Sia’s live for the frosty man is soon going to become a chart-topper. Some fans are even comparing the song with Mariah Carey’s classic All I Want For Christmas Is You. The song is all about love and the quintessential holiday spirit that fans cannot get enough of!

Her upcoming album, Everyday is Christmas is all set to release on 17th November. While the Cheap Thrills hitmaker have released quite a few chart-toppers before this, a Christmas album is kinda new for Sia fans! So, if you haven’t already listened to the love song related by Sia, quickly check the song out!