The Much-Awaited ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot is Making its Debut in Peacock Network! Check the New Updates Below

It seems like we are about to see another interesting reboot project which has already released the official trailer and is arriving sooner than we think! What are we talking about? Well, we have all the details given right here!

Saved By The Bell Reboot Is Officially Happening And The Official Trailer Is Here!

The iconic 90s series Saved By The Bell is back with a reboot series! Well, that’s not all as fans are also going to see some of the original stars in the reboot as well! So, it seems like the classes are ready to be back in session! Here’s the official trailer of the much awaited reboot and we are going to see some familiar faces from the iconic sitcom. 

As the trailer suggests, the high school teen drama is on full swing but the fun is going to be double this time! With some students feeling ignored under the overwhelming presence of the privileged kids, some of the teachers decide to make them feel special and that’s when A.C Slater steps in to help!

Some Of The Original Cast Members Are Also Coming Back!

The trailer is all about fun, and the story that made the show so very popular in the first place! The much-awaited reboot is all set to release on Peacock on 25th November.

Mario Lopez is returning to high school as the gym teacher A.C. Slater. Other than that, Elizabeth Berkley will be plying Jessie Spano, who works at the school as well. As the gang is back in Bayside High, Mario describes the place like magic! As the students struggles with their own share of drama, the reboot is going to be back in session.