For the Avid Readers, Here’s a List of Manga and Webtoons that You shouldn’t Miss on Reading

We cannot deny the fact that reading a story is more fun rather than watching it. However, sometimes we do watch the novels adapted in shows to save time. Reading manga and webtoons instead of watching them is so much amazing. So here we bring to you the best manga and webtoons that you must read.

Mangas that you should read

  • Dragon Ball

The book is by Akira Toriyama is inspired from Journey to the West that is a classic Chinese novel. Protagonist of the show is Son Goku. He is a martial arts expert and a trainer of the same. Son Goku is actually an alien but he was raised as a human. Throughout the novel he is seen seeking for Dragon Balls which will be able to summon the dragon so that it can grant any wish.

  • Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

The author is one of the best female manga writer known today. This is one of her best works but she has also penned several other significant mangas which includes the gender bending martial arts Ramna 1/2 which is a romantic comedy.

  • Naruto

This is the most known manga character of all penned by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is an orphan boy who dreams to become the best ninja in his village and the story revolves around his life.

Moving forward to the webtoons these three are a must read webtoons for you

  • Lumine

The name of this book is kept on the central character, Lumine a young boy who is actually a werewolf. Story shows him get into rough situations which he faces and come out bravely.

  • Not Even Bones

It is just another interesting webtoon based on Market of Monsters written by Rebecca Schaeffer. It is a thriller YA novel series.

  • Castle Swimmer

An extremely amazing webtoon with Kappa being its protagonist. It is based on genre like wild adventure and romance.