SI Swimsuit’s 2020 rookie Anita Marshall reveals her feelings about getting emotional after looking at some pictures! What made her cry like a baby?

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Anita Marshall was someone who never dreamed of appearing in the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

The rookie model appeared in the magazine’s 2020 issue which is currently available. The other cover girls besides Marshall are Kate Bock, Jasmine Sanders and Olivia Culpo. Marshall’s photoshoot took place in the Dominican Republic.

An emotional moment

Sports Illustrated discovered Marshall from Dorothy Combs Models. Marshall submitted her photos but never did she imagine that she could be a model. Marshall had worked with Macy’s and Nordstrom and represented women who are of 14/16 sizes.

When asked about her reaction when she first saw herself in the cover of the prominent magazine, Marshall replied that she started crying “like a big baby”. Marshall then proceeded to talk about how it has been while growing up, and how she never saw herself as a standard of beauty. She spoke about how much of a difference Sports Illustrated brought by showing that beauty comes in more than one size. She said that it’s important when you give your reader representation, and until one sees for themselves that someone like them was able to achieve something great, they’re never going to see it as an attainable goal.

When asked if she had related to a other Sports Illustrated models growing up, she replied that she had was inspired by Tyra Banks, who had her brown skin, and had more curves than the rest of the girls. Later she spoke about her failed TV audition where she got rejected because she weighed more. She almost decided to give up modelling at that time, but it also helped her get more strong mentally.

Her tips for aspirants? “You’re going to have no’s. People are going to say no. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But you just have to keep doing it because there will be a yes.”

(Cover: SI Swimsuit)