SHOCKING!! “The Flash” Ezra Miller got arrested!! What is the full story and ACCUSATIONS?

What are Miller’s Most Recent Accusations?

Miller has been housing a mother and her three young children at their Vermont estate, according to a June 23 story by Rolling Stone. Several sources reportedly told that the living arrangements are unhealthy.

After exiting an abusive relationship with an ex, the mother, 25, told Rolling Stone that the ranch “has been a healing refuge for us.” The children’s father, who is against the arrangement, though, stated, “I had a horrible sensation in my gut. I really want to go grab my kids because I love them so much.

According to two individuals, Miller’s 96-acre estate is “an unsafe environment for children,” as there are allegedly abandoned guns lying around the house. One child allegedly picked up a stray bullet and put it in her mouth, according to a source. According to reports, a social worker who stopped by the house told the father of the kids that although they “looked nice,” there was still “more work to do.”

The information from Miller’s farm comes after a story that broke on June 8 and was first reported by TMZ, which claimed that Miller had been charged with grooming Tokata Iron Eyes, now 18 years old, since the latter was 12 years old. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle, the parents of Iron Eyes, said in court documents acquired by People that Miller has been controlling their daughter for years and that he “took an immediate and seemingly innocent fancy” to Tokata. In addition, Case and Sara said that Miller offered Tokata beer, marijuana, and LSD while they were teenagers.

They also stated that Miller, acting on behalf of the Quiet group, volunteered to cover Tokata’s college expenses in the court records. Tokata allegedly walked out of school in December and then went on a trip with Miller to Vermont, New York City, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. In their complaint, Chase and Sara stated that Miller “controls a young teenage Tokata through assault, intimidation, threat of violence, terror, psychosis, delusions, and drugs.”

Tokata Iron Eyes defended Miller in response to the accusations in a statement shared on Instagram. According to Tokata’s parents, she doesn’t have a phone, and they “question whether they authored the statement,” according to People.

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What is going on between Warner Bros. and Ezra Miller?

Miller was taken into custody by Hawaii police on April 20 for the second time this year. Miller was detained for second-degree assault early one morning at a private property in the Puna neighborhood, according to the Hawaii Police Department. In a press release, it was stated that “during the course of their investigation, police determined that the individual, later identified as Ezra Miller, became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead and causing an approximately half-inch cut.”

What about the initial detention? Miller was taken into custody in a Hawaii karaoke bar at the end of March, according to the Associated Press. Miller took issue with customers singing “Shallow” from The Star is Born, according to Hawaii Police Assistant Chief Kenneth Quiocho, who spoke to the Associated Press. Prior to being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment, Miller allegedly “grabbed a mic from a singing woman and lunged at a man playing darts.” There are also more occurrences. Since March 7, Miller has been the focus of at least one police call in Hawaii. According to information from Quiocho, the AP categorized the instances as follows:

They were “manini” occurrences, which are defined as trivial or small in Hawaii Pidgin and include actions like photographing patrons at a gas station, refusing to leave a restaurant’s sidewalk area, and yelling at patrons.

The court complaint against Miller, submitted by two Hawaii citizens, was made public in the same AP story describing Miller’s detention. According to the complaint, Miller “came into the petitioner’s bedroom and threatened” the male claimed victim by “saying I will bury you and your slut wife.” The occupants claimed that Miller took some of their goods, including a passport and wallet, and they obtained a restraining order against Miller. But the AP followed up with the news that the two people had withdrawn the restraining order against Miller two weeks later. William Dean, the attorney for the two residents, declined to comment on why the restraining order was dismissed.

According to a previous Rolling Stone article, this was already sufficient for Warner Bros. execs to call a meeting to discuss Miller’s future with the franchise even before the second arrest. According to the Rolling Stone article, Miller allegedly experienced “meltdowns” while filming The Flash. Although “there was no yelling or violent outbursts,” an insider told the magazine that Miller was “losing it.” When Ezra had a notion, they would say, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” The executives reportedly decided to put a hold on Miller’s upcoming studio projects at the meeting, which took place on March 30. (Miller also has a starring role in the Fantastic Beasts series.)

What Does This Indicate About the DCEU’s Future?

It appears that Miller won’t be the DCEU’s big-screen Flash for the foreseeable future, according to a report from Deadline. According to sources who spoke with the publication, “the studio won’t likely keep Miller in the Flash role in future DC films, even if no new charges emerge. That would need replacing him later, but the first movie still represents a $200 million investment, so Warner Bros. executives must shudder at every new press report.

Fans have been clamoring on social media to switch the small-screen Flash (Gustin) for the big-screen Flash (Miller), so perhaps that is the fan-friendly solution here. Since The Flash won’t be released in theaters until June 23, 2023, this problem is undoubtedly far from over, regardless of whether Warner Bros. decides to keep or fire Miller. If more information becomes available, we’ll update this story.

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