Managing your Holiday Home From Afar

It’s one thing to look after your property when you are on hand to manage problems and organize repairs and maintenance. It’s quite another when you live several states away from your vacation property.

It can be joyous to have a property to escape to in a completely different location from where you spend your every day, but this can quickly become a real nightmare if you can’t find the right people to help look after it.

Finding the Right Assistance

You don’t have to pay fees for a property management company to look after your vacation home; you can hire people yourself. But, if you are not a recruiter, it can be hard to identify someone you can trust to do the job in your absence.

Fortunately, companies like ScoutLogic can assist you with verification and background checks. These services make it easier to find domestic support and property maintenance from small companies or individuals, with all the reassurance of a thorough vetting process.

Recruiting yourself can help you avoid a property management company’s hefty, packaged fees. If your vacation rental is remote, this is even more essential as the fees increase with distance.

Renting Out Your Holiday Home

If you want to rent out your holiday home when you are not using it, then a good, clean presentation and comprehensive support services are crucial to attracting the best guests and the highest rental rates.

It’s never been easier to advertise your property and avoid agent commission. Numerous online portals can put you in touch with a whole global community looking for a vacation with a package tailored for holiday homes. If you have apartments for rent in Hampton or any other kind of property, you can use online sites to connect with easily interested parties and get the best rate for your investment.

Online subscription rates are pretty low with dedicated software that provides you with an email form for travelers to submit booking inquiries. Look for advanced software that includes an SMS text alert system to notify you when you receive an inquiry.

The quality of the images you take of the property is vital in sales. Facilities and amenities are important, but the initial hook will be the pictures, so it’s worth asking a professional to take them for you.

There is lots of good online advice about great images. Just make sure you choose a photographer experienced at taking pictures of holiday rentals, not just generic property shots.

Remember, you are selling a dream to someone of the perfect getaway, so the house or apartment must be presentable and appealing.

Making Your Holiday Property Stand Out from the Crowd

There are numerous techniques that can give your property the edge, and these are universally applicable. It doesn’t matter where the rental is or your target market.

After the images and a good description, the golden rule of a successful vacation letting is to keep pricing clear and simple and get the price right.

Also, constantly updating special offers and discounts will attract more customers. Take advantage of seasonal trends to increase your booking numbers.


Managing your holiday home doesn’t have to be a headache. It can give you the ultimate control and freedom to stay there when you want to without holiday letting agency restrictions. It can also save you a lot of money if you do it right.