Selma Blair shows off her bottoms as she kicks her MS diagnosis with chemotherapy!


Actress Selma Blair is combatting chemotherapy head-on as she shares a revealing picture of herself with her fans on her social media account, Instagram. She posted a photo of herself without pants, and the viewers have a full backside view of the 47-year-old actress.

The Sweetest Thing actress captioned the picture “Portrait of a Lady” and posed in front of the mirror with a crab-shaped purse in front to avoid frontal nudity and violate Instagram’s policies against such indecent pictures. Blair also tagged photographer Thom Browne on the picture who is also a noted fashion designer.

Selma Blair has been battling with MS for a while now, and the picture revealed that she has been going for chemotherapy treatment to treat multiple sclerosis. She has previously shared her new bald look in a series of pictures taken by Thom Browne.

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Scene stealer . #pippa. At least I have this #thombrowne knit and this photo by @creativerehabnyc . This will make me smile til the end of time. #happydog #happyme

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Blair had revealed her diagnosis a year back in Good Morning America to Robin Roberts and had shared the side effects that she has been struggling with, which included difficulty to speak. She has said, “Being able just to put out what being in the middle of an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis is like. So my speech, as you will notice, I have spasmodic dysphonia right now. It is interesting to put it out there, to be here to say this is what my particular case looks like right now.”

She had been experiencing the symptoms for many years such as falling, dropping things and foggy memory, and had not released them to be MS flare-ups and has resorted to drinking as a form of self-medication. She shared how the diagnosis was a relief and that she cried after finally finding an answer. “They were not tears of panic; they were tears of knowing I now had to give in to a body that had a loss of control. Moreover, there was some relief in that.”

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Sunday. Rest. Gratitude. I write this with helping someone else in mind… Since chemotherapy and high doses of prednisone I have lost any ability to focus with my eyes.(I find it difficult to be on phone so I am not on social media or communicating w friends through writing very much). Panic sets in. Will this be permanent? How do I get to one more doctor appointment? How will I work and write when I can’t see and it’s so painful? And then a simmering of knowing. Underneath all the doubt. It will be ok. Take it smaller to each moment. Let the body heal. Nourish. Walk slowly. Burst into laughter. Give my nervous system a chance. I see how wonderful and kind people can be. I see how frightening it can be. Uncertainty. I am choosing to say this too shall pass. And my word… it’s so beautiful today. Still cool in the shade and the whole day before us… we can do it. Breathe . 💛 ps. My left leg is feeling the ground!!! #hsct Also… I have found much relief in settling my system with @montelbyselect #relax #hempextractcapsules . Thank you @montel_williams 🧡

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The actress has been upfront and honest about her struggle and journey online and has led many to be more aware of the disease and the treatments. She has shared in one of her posts how has started chemotherapy and taking high doses of prednisone has caused Blair to lose her ability to focus her eyesight. She bared her experience writing, ‘Panic sets in. Will this be permanent? How do I get to one more doctor appointment? How will I work and write when I cannot see, and it is so painful?

Moreover, then a simmering of knowing. Underneath all the doubt. It will be ok.’

She has been candid about her mobility issues too and how she has to depend on cane and Alinker walking bike occasionally to get around. Her journey has been an inspiration for many suffering from the same disease and has started conversations about the troubles associated with MS and led to a broader awareness.