Sean Gunn’s duck-walk From Avengers Goes Viral on Twitter, Funnier than Expected.

Avengers Endgame is a 2019 American Superhero film based on Marvel Comic. It has been produced by Marvel studio and Walt Disney Motion Pictures. In 2018 Avengers: infinity war was released. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo directed avengers Endgame jas.  It is another installment to the avenger’s series. The whole series has been a commercial success and has received positive reviews from critics.

James Gunn has shared a video clip of behind the scenes of Avengers Endgame. In that clip, Sean Gunn was standing for the rocket scene. Well, the dedication with which he has played his role in the movie is incredible. Everything he has done for the Rocket Raccoon portrayal in the movie should be appreciated.

In the video clip shared by James Gunn, Sean Gunn is seen duckwalking alongside the avengers. This Clio is so entertaining to everybody. It has gone viral on the internet, and people are watching it on loop. It might seem funnier because Sean Gunn has never been seen doing any such thing, before this.

Sean Gunn has known for several achievements, be it Guardian of the galaxy, avengers endgame, Gilmore girls and the list go on. The video which has been posted by James Gunn is only of a few seconds. Contrary to the rocket scene, Sean Gunn is not seen standing. In that video rather Gunn is doing duckwalk. What makes it more hilarious is that a regular actor ( Sean Gunn ) doing duckwalk, when other avengers are walking.

Sean Gunn’s elder brother James Gunn posted a small video clip and captioned it, “This is @seangunn doing motion reference for Rocket on set in . Contrary to popular opinion, he’s not a stand-in as much of Rocket’s acting, and facial expressions are Sean’s. And yes it’s hilarious every time.” Had it been any other actor at Sean Gunn’s place, this duckwalk would not have been so entertaining.