Racism Hits again? Assault charges on a 10-year old for a dodge-ball game.

A 10-year-old Michigan boy has been charged for ‘aggravated assault’ for playing dodge-ball at his school

Bryce, a 10-year-old black kid, is being punished for being a kid. It so happens that on April 30, Bryce, a resident of Michigan, was playing a game of dodge-ball with his peers at his school, Erikkson Elementary School, when a fellow white boy, identity withheld, got injured during the game. The 10-year-old was suspended from the school for a day, but the matter didn’t end there, in fact, it only has got aggravated to a different level.

Punishment for playing?

Reportedly, on 24th July, Cameishi Lindley, mother of Bryce, was informed by Wayne County Juvenile Court that charges of ‘aggravated assault’ are being pressed on her son for hitting his fellow student with a ball intentionally, according to the police report.

Lindley, who is extremely outraged and flabbergasted over the involvement of the court, says that Bryce was just playing a game that everyone must have had played in his age.

The injured Boy:

The boy, who got injured during the game, reportedly, has a pre-existing medical condition, “Chronic Brain Stem Infliction’ which makes him prone to brain injuries.

According to his mother, who doesn’t wish to reveal her identity, the boy suffered facial tissue damage. He had a black eye and a bruised nose. The child had got hit twice previously in the face as well, which is why she decided to pursue the matter this time, unlike the last two times when it got settled with an apology from the other child, she further told to a media channel.

Distraught Bryce with his mother Cameishi | Michigan | Assault Charges | USA

Support for Bryce

Cameishi, who is distraught with the turn of events, explains that neither she nor her son was aware of the injured child’s medical condition. She is sorry for his injury but also believes that a child susceptible to injuries shouldn’t be playing a game involving physical contact.

Meanwhile, Lindley has raised a fundraiser to collect funds for the lawyer fees. Support from various parts of the country is pouring for little Bryce. People are encouraging her, terming charges to be ridiculous, and are suspecting an act of racism in there.

We wish a speedy recovery to the injured boy and hope that Bryce’s childhood will not get scarred by this outrageous incident.