Ruth Wilson left ‘The Affair’ due to hostile work environment & frequency of nude scenes

The real reason behind Ruth Wilson quitting ‘The Affair’ is the toxic work environment and the needless sex scenes

The Golden Globe-winning 37-year-old renowned English Actress, Ruth Wilson left her famous US television drama ‘The Affair’ in 2018 when the show was in its third season. Numerous reasons had hit the tabloid that time behind the sudden exit of the actress from the hit show, but she always maintained her silence about it.

The actress had claimed that she wasn’t allowed to talk about the reason behind her departure, bounded by NDA. Now, after a year of her exist, the reason behind her abrupt exit has resurfaced and it’s said to be her frustration with the hostile work environment due to friction with show-runner Sarah Treem, and the number of gratuitous nude scenes.

The real reason behind Ruth Wilson’s departure from The Affair.
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According to the sources on the set as per The Hollywood Reporter, it’s claimed that Wilson was uncomfortable with the number of nude scenes, many of which looked needless. The tone-deafness of Sarah Treem and the culture problem where she wouldn’t acknowledge the position, she was putting actors in, left Ruth frustrated. Actors were coaxed repeatedly to get naked if they weren’t comfortable or scene didn’t require them to. It further alleges that Sarah praised the appearance of actors including the female actors in such a way that it was perceived as inappropriate. Wilson was termed “difficult” when she voiced out about it.

Reportedly, Wilson had even denied filming an aggressive sex scene in season 2 which required her co-star Dominic West to push her up against a tree. Ruth wasn’t pleased with it.

Last year, there were rumours about Wilson quitting due to pay disparity but she had put them to rest by clarifying to The New York Times that time, that it wasn’t about the pay parity, and it wasn’t about other jobs. She had insisted that there is a much bigger picture.

Is Sarah Treem the real reason behind Ruth Wilson’s departure from The Affair?
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However, Sarah Treem has denied all the allegations of pressurizing her actors. The American TV writer who was associated with the House of Cards said that she would never say those things to actors. That now who she is. She isn’t a manipulative person and is a staunch feminist. She added that she has spent her professional life writing about women’s issues, causes and empowerment, and creating strong, complex roles for them.

With two voices completely opposite, only time might reveal the real reason.