Marc Anthony’s $7 Million luxury yacht caught fire and capsized!

Marc Anthony’s Yacht destroyed in the Miami fire

The American singer, who is a Guinness World Record holder, Marc Anthony, lost his luxury yacht to Miami Fire on Wednesday i.e, .18th December at Miami Marina. The singer wasn’t on board as he is currently touring Puerto Rico, but several crew members were on the yacht when it caught fire. However, to everyone’s relief, they all were rescued safely.

Marc Anthony’s 120-foot-long yacht caught fire and capsized.
Picture: Picture: City Of Miami Fire | Twitter

As per the update from the Miami Fire rescue team in a tweet, Anthony’s 120-foot-vessel, Andiamo, was docked at the Island Gardens Marina when it caught fire and burst into flames that could be seen even from a mile distance. Miami emergency fire rescue team immediately responded and reached the scene by 7:30 PM when it safely evacuated all the onboard members and started putting off the fire.

Some of the pictures posted online show yacht’s exterior burning into flames, and the blazing slowly crept towards the upper deck and roof of the yacht. In an attempt to extinguish the flames, the boat since has capsized on its side in the water, but fortunately, no nearby boats are affected, and no life is lost. It took 2 hours for the 45 fire responders to control the fire. The firefighters were at the scene till Thursday morning to observe the situation and any chance of any flare up again.

The cause of fire and damage inflicted isn’t clear yet. The investigation is under progress, but the yacht seems unsalvageable now. According to a tabloid, the boat is worth $7 Million. It consists of 5 cabins with accommodation for 12 people with amenities that include BBQ, satellite TV, wifi, a jacuzzi, and docking stations for multiple jet skies.

Marc is yet to comment on this loss.