Queen Elizabeth II Sad Demise At 96 – WHAT Happens Next For the Royal Family?

Day of mourning for Britain

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has passed away after being hospitalized due to poor health. She was 96.

With the Queen’s death comes the question – What is next for the royal family? Actually, the event has been planned and rehearsed to the most minute detail, and the next two weeks will see new procedures happening like clockwork.

Britain After Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen and Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II has been the head of 14 Commonwealths, and agencies representing the countries have had regular meetings for many decades. The Union Flag will be lowered on all public buildings across the United Kingdom. However, the monarch’s personal flag, the Royal Standard, will never be lowered as the monarch never dies.

There are many other specifics happening, but what the public knows is that Prince Charles will become King after his mother’s death. He will now be known as King Charles III. Charles is now head of the state of the 14 Commonwealth realms aside from the UK. This includes Canada and Australia. He will lead the Commonwealth, which consists of 56 members. This is not a hereditary role, but something the Commonwealth leaders agreed on during a meeting in London in 2018.

Other Events

The Queen and Prince Philip

Gun salutes will be held in the capital in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. Her death will be announced in the first part, while the name of the new sovereign will be announced in the second. Hundreds of dignitaries will be attending the meeting.

Prince William has now first in line for the throne, and has taken his father’s previous title as the Duke of Cornwall, and the income received from it. His wife Kate will now be Duchess of Cornwall.

Queen Elizabeth II will be getting a publicly funded state funeral, and its information will be released in the coming days.