New family member alert!! “We want a big family.” What life with children looks like for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo.

While you may not know their names, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s photos are probably familiar.


The Maroon 5 frontman and former Victoria’s Secret model have been parenting for several years now and have had their ups and downs like any other parent.

This week, it was announced that Levine and Prinsloo are expecting their third child together; something that had always been a hope for Prinsloo.

In 2012, the band was at its height of popularity, and Prinsloo had just been named a “Angel” for Victoria’s Secret. Levine and Prinsloo were first linked back then. They split the next year, with Levine moving on with another model.

A few months after they had first gotten back together, a source close to the couple told Us Magazine: “He realized he really loved her and she was ‘the one.’ They are in love.” The pair became engaged by July 2013.


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“She makes me the best person I can be,” Levine said about his then-partner. “She’s the best in the world. It doesn’t matter how certain you think you are. You still get down on that knee, and you get woozy, and you’re like, ‘I’m doing this, oh, my God’,” He talked about the proposal.

They got hitched the next year. The wedding was held in Mexico, with around 300 guests in attendance, and Jonah Hill, a longtime buddy of Levine’s, officiating the ceremony. After their honeymoon, they traveled to South Africa.

Later, Levine stated that marrying Prinsloo was the “best thing” he had ever done.

This is what he told Us Magazine: “I never really thought I would adore it. It’s so trippy. I’m a child. How did this happen? I use that word [wife] right now a lot. I say it for no reason. I say it a lot – ‘Wife, wife, wife,’ I love it. I even changed her number in my phone to ‘wife’,”