Pacific Rim: The Black Season Two Trailer Released by Netflix, Conclusion Teased

More promising fights between the Kaiju and Jaeger lies ahead

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the second season of Pacific Rim: The Black. The anime series, based on the 2013 movie by Guillermo Del Toro has moved in a whole new direction, released its first season a year ago. The reception was mostly positive, and a sequel was immediately announced.

Pacific Rim: The Black Season Two Trailer

The new trailer focused mainly on fights, but also gave us a look at the new antagonists – a mysterious group of women called Sisters of the Kaiju. They capture the small boy who can transform into a Kaiju and hold him for their own needs. Their leader, known as the High Priestess announces that the boy is their Messiah. The sibling pilots Taylor and Hayley Travis have to device new plans to rescue him. But they’re not alone, as they have the assassin Mei, and of course, Atlas Destroyer, the Jaeger mecha to help them.

Netflix’s Love For Monsters

Netflix has a deep love for giant monsters, and has handled their shows well. Examples include The Witcher, and Korean series Sweet Home. They also released the trailer of the animated movie, The Sea Beast. It will have an adventurous duo fighting against a giant sea monster. They are also working on an animated series for King Kong, which is set to arrive before the next live-action movie.

While Netflix has numerous projects on the pipeline, they have not announced the future of the Pacific Rim series. The original 2013 movie was wonderful, but the sequel fell flat. It will be good to see them reinvent the franchise with a new live-action movie.

Pacific Rim: The Black season two arrives on April 19.