One Direction singer Harry Styles rocking in biannual collection by Gucci.

The latest biannual collection by Gucci features Harry Styles, the ex one direction singer. As soon as the collection was drop out, Harry Styles became The ultimate Gucci Muse. This episode by Gucci which features Harry Styles is named as “At The Post Office”. There are total five episode released till now , which features Silvia Calderoni, Paul B. Preciado, Arlo Parks and Jeremy O. Harris. The 5th episode is premiere of Gucci’s collection.

Harry Styles in hot short pants is the reason why this episode is catching so much public eyes.

In the episode 3, Harry answers the phone call of a gentleman (portrayed by Achille Bonito Oliva). They both discuss about the fashion, music and art.

Why this episode by Gucci is going trending?

Firstly, the episode features HARRY STYLES and that is enough to make anything trending. Secondly, there are many good dialogues delivered by him which are really sort of interesting. During the phone call Harry says that according to him art is something you always wanted to see or to listen. He further adds that you always draw things you previously experienced in your past.

In the video, Harry Styles is seen wearing short shorts with an oversized pink tee. Along with the cute shorts and pink tee, Harry is styled with white socks and black shoes. His hair are also trimmed short for his upcoming project “Don’t Worry , Darling”. It also stars Florence Pugh opposite to Harry. Coming back to the episode, it is directed by Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele.

Well, this is not first time when Harry is features in Gucci’s episode. Previously he was included in a cast of creatives of Memoire D’une Odeur.