Celebrate Thanksgiving With These All Time Favourite Holiday Movies To Get Into The Festive Series!

With the holiday season almost here, everyone is getting into the festive season. With scrumptious family dinner during Thanksgiving, why not binge watch some of the classic old movies with your loved ones! These are the few suggestions that might want to look into! 

Don’t Miss Out On These Holiday Classic Movies And Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family!

1. Home For The Holidays: This 1995 movie is all about the holiday spirit and how after a few initial setbacks, Holly Hunter’s character finally gives in and spends the holidays with her extended family. The holiday is not going to be an easy one for her!

2. Addams Family Values: This 1993 movie is a holiday classic! You cannot get although of the dark Addams family! While the family is a bit dysfunctional, they do stick for each and that’s what families do! The characters are varied and rich and are a fun watch for the whole family.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: The holiday season is not complete without the quintessential Charlie Brown movie! So, get your family, around for this 1973 classic movie as Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Peppermint Patty gets into the festive spirit. Well, some has not even finished their Halloween candies yet! 

4. You’ve Got Mail: If you are all about holiday romance and love, then this heartwarming romantic movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who found their way to each other after a few hiccups is the perfect watch for you.

5. Pieces Of April: The movie is about Thanksgiving when the rebellious daughter tries to mend her strained relationship with the family members by offering to cool the big meal! Watch the movie to know whether the whole plan stands out or not!