New Mural Created For American Dream Mall After Much Criticism; See The Pictures Inside& Find Out About Its Opening Date

The 3 million sq feet American Dream mall has gone through different looks and designs. Its highly criticized red and orange multi-colored look is now replaced by black and white collage. What ones known as Xanadu is completely gone now.

Artists are completing their work swiftly as the American Dream mall opening is coming near. Next Friday it will open its one portion of Entertainment complex for the public; i.e. the Nickelodeon indoor theme park and Ice rink. The shopping, dining area is still at work.

The mall developer collaborated with Canadian artists, En Masse, who will paint 60,000 sq. foot hand-painted mural inspired by local life’s.

“The American dream what that means to each of us as it relates to our lives when people in the community here, around the center, look up at this work they see themselves reflected back.” Said Jason Botkin, one of the mural artists.

The locals and residents are happy and thankful for its new look, from gaudy color to beautiful black and white collage. The locals talked about its previous look “the color was disgusting. I don’t know who wants to put that color on the container. ” Even Governor Christie back in 2011 was upset about its color scheme and said it is one of the ugliest building in not only New Jersy but in whole America.

The American Dream Mall is North America’s first indoor ski and snowboard center. It will contain more than 100 dining options, 450 shopping centers, and other entertainment areas. Artists are creating new images for the mall which will take more months to complete, most probably till next summer.

It was already long-delayed, earlier it was to be open in 2017 but after many difficulties and problems, it’s opening date kept on shifting and now the slope is underway and set to open on December 5.