The Cast of ‘Facts Of Life’ Reunites For A Lifetime Holiday Special Movie!

Christmas just got merrier! ‘The Facts of Life’ are reuniting for a holiday special this year on Lifetime.

The stars Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mindy Cohn will be back on our TV screens on December 1 as part of the channel’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” programming. Facts Of Life ran from 1979 to 1988 and followed the lives of teenage girls Blair (Whelchel), Tootie (Fields), Natalie (Cohn) and Jo (McKeon). 

Photo by: Frank Carroll/NBCU Photo Bank

Titled ‘You Light Up My Christmas’, the special’s execute production is actress Kim Fields herself. She came up with the idea of bringing them all together for a holiday movie. Calling them her “sisters”, the cast members have remained close friends over the years after ‘Facts of Life’ wrapped up. The 50-year-old was interviewed by People magazine about the movie. 

She has said that the movie’s production is very fun until now. All the stars are working together on the characters, their outfits, and names. Moreover, they are incorporating sneaky little inside jokes for ardent fans of the ‘Facts of Life’ show. Sadly, one of the cast members Charlotte Rae passed away. But they have even thought about how to honor her memory in the Lifetime movie. 

Fields told People that she made sure that the ice-skating rink on the holiday special is named after her friend and ex-costar. As for the storyline of You Light Up My Christmas, it is based on true events. The plot follows Emma who returns for the Christmas holidays to her hometown. She grew up with her family’s famous Christmas factory. Unfortunately, the town has completely lost its excitement for the holiday. And now it is up to Emma (Fields) and her ex-boyfriend (Adrian Holmes) to bring back the Christmas spirit.

Lifetime will run the movie as part of their annual holiday special “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” that begins on October 25th. It continues through Christmas day and shows around 30 holiday-themed movies.