New drug for Migraine patients that can relieve pain within 2 hours

The FDA (Food and Drug Association) has approved a drug named Reyvow to cure migraine pain within two hours.

Women suffer from migraine 3% more than men

The new drug is discovered by Eli Lilly and Co. It is reported that the drug is more effective than previously used medications. Taking this drug can prove to be beneficial to the patients rather can consuming a placebo.

Generally, Migraine is witnessed 3 times more in women than men. A trial was conducted with Migraine patients. It was found that one out of every five is seen to get relief from pain in 2 hours. The existing medicines of migraine work by thinning the blood vessels. This method may cause side-effects.

Narrowing blood vessels may result in heart-related problems. Sometimes leading to a heart attack or stroke. On average, 10% of people suffer from migraines worldwide. The US FDA revealed this successful new drug on Friday.

There are some factors that are responsible to initiate migraine pain. Factors like poor diet, stress,  over-thinking, hormonal changes or disturbing lifestyle and sleeping patterns.

Reyvow is considered to stop the headache. Also, in addition to other migraine-related problems. Problems such as nausea and light sensitivity can also be cured within 2 hours. Migraine pain is accompanied by vomiting, pulsing headache, sensitivity to sound and light.

Dr. Nick Kozauer is the deputy director of Neurology Products for the FDA. He said that every one person out of seven in America suffers from Migraines. The study was conducted with 3,177 patients with migraine histories.

The trails were conducted Reyvow and placebo were given as medication. After both the trials, migraine patients when consumed Reyvow showed greater results than the time they took placebo as the migraine curing drug.

The common side effect found while consuming Reyvow drug was fatigue, paresthesia, dizziness, and sedation.