Is Brad Pitt dating ‘Arrested Development’ star Alia Shawkat? The duo spotted together many times! Read on to know the details!

Brad Pitt has been spotted with Alia Shawkat. Did he find his love again? Read on to know.

Brad Pitt sparks dating rumors with Alia Shawkat

According to the recent report, Brad Pitt has been spotted with Alia Shawkat on many occasions. And, this is the first time the actor spotted an actor after his split with Angelina Jolie.

Last year, Brad was linked with Khalsa and Neri Oxman. And Brad and Oxman both were seen together when Oxman revealed: “I am not dating a 55-year-old superstar”. A few days ago, the duo was spotted in Los Angeles attending the Wilding Cran Gallery.

Pitt and Shawkat have been spotted together on many occasions

Fans are trying to connect the dots, the pair also have been noticed sharing their food, snapped together with a group of friends at comedian show in Los Angeles. Along with that, they both have been seen leaving in the same car after a play in September.

It seems that both Brad and Alia have rediscovered their love as they have been spotted together on many occasions. They both have become the recent buzz on Social media.