Netflix’s Tomb Raider Anime Looking to Unify Timelines, Adds New Cast Members

Lara Croft gets an extended universe in Tomb Raider

We got to know last month that Netflix is developing an anime on popular video game Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Hayley Atwell will voice the titular character. This time, we will be talking about the studio’s new decisions, as well as adding new cast members.

Unifying timelines

Hayley Atwell be the voice of Lara Croft
Square Enix/Netflix

The game did a soft reboot with the 2013 game and its sequels, and took Lara Croft away from the initial storyline developed by Eidos Interactive. Lara’s story, as well as appearance and character had a change. But in the Netflix anime, it looks like the developers are looking to find a link between the old and recent games, and have Lara exist in one united timeline.

Executive producer Tasha Huo gave a short update and said that Netflix is working with the Crystal Dynamics team (the game’s developers) to unify the timelines. Therefore, expect to see events starting from Lara’s very first game, which released in 1996.

It will be interesting to see Lara’s changes. If you remember the origins, Lara resembled the classic video game heroine, and had the charms and outfits to attract an audience. Even the live-action movies that starred Angelina Jolie seemed to do just that. The 2013 redesign was something we never knew we needed. Lara is now a proper explorer and survivor. She made bows and arrows scourged from forests, instead of carrying just her favourite handguns. In a similar way, the Alicia Vikander-starrer rebooted movie in 2018 showed Lara’s survivor side.

New Cast

Lara Croft
Square Enix

Netflix has already casted two characters to bridge the gap within the franchise. Earl Baylon, who voices Jonah Maiava in the rebooted games will reprise his roles, and actor Allen Maldonado will voice Zip, who appeared in the older games like Chronicles and Underworld.

The anime doesn’t have a release date as of now, but with the team behind Netflix‘s Castlevania and Dota: Dragon’s Blood behind it, expect it to be brilliant.