My Hero Academia Season 6 to Debut in Fall 2022, Official Teaser is out!

The heroes will be facing one of their most darkest moments yet

My Hero Academia season 6 was one of the shows announced during Japan’s recent Jump Festa, and a new teaser was also revealed, showing us what’s in store. Seeing how much of a success the show is, and how each season ends with a cliffhanger, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the next season gets announced. Besides, My Hero Academia no longer keeps fans waiting for long as a new season is out every year. Season 6 won’t be the last, but we are getting closer to the end.

The teaser

My Hero Academia
Studio BONES

The short clip didn’t give away any spoilers, but still managed to set the tone for what’s about to happen next in My Hero Academia. Tomura Shigaraki, who is now leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, is getting his massive army of villains to fight our heroes. The heroes are also aware of the threat looming over the horizon, and are in constant alert. The heroes are led by the No. 1 Pro Hero Endeavor, and we also get to see other pros, who are all aware that if they lose, Japan will be lost forever.

Special shots of Aizawa and Miss Midnight are shown, as if to foreshadow their roles in the coming arc. Manga readers know what’s up, and anime-only fans will get to experience the magic next year.

What’s next for Izuku?


Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku is currently still trying to understand the new powers that are held within his quirk One For All. Unlike his predecessor Allmight, Deku is able to activate the quirks of more than one former One For All user, having unlocked the Blackwhip quirk in season 5. But in season 6 of My Hero Academia, he will truly get to understand the massive responsibility that he will have to bear due to this quirk, as All For One is relentless in his efforts to get a hold of it. An update will be provided as soon as the release date is out.