My Hero Academia: A Certain Pro Hero May Be Quirkless After Latest Attack

Pro hero Aizawa might be the latest to fall victim to Shigaraki (spoilers ahead)

Professor Aizawa, aka Eraser Head, is a beloved character in My Hero AcademiaHis quirk of temporarily deactivating other quirks has come in clutch numerous times during life-threatening situations. However, things might have turned for the worst after Tomura Shigaraki’s latest attack.

My Hero Academia Latest Chapter

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The new chapters of My Hero Academia continue to explore the newly awakened Shigaraki, who is wreaking havoc for all the heroes. However, the one thing that prevented complete annihilation was Aizawa’s quirk, and the heroes were grateful. But what many are not aware is that Shigaraki currently has a bunch of Overhaul’s old Quirk-deleting rounds – the same ones that rendered Mirio Togata quirkless. Aizawa is already at a disadvantage since his battle against a Nomu ended his eyes suffering a lot of damage. Even a small dose can incapacitate him.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki has been boldly telling the other heroes to stop him from taking down Aizawa. Deku shows up with a thunderous Wyoming Smash, but it does not help. Shigaraki managed to fend off Ryukyu’s dragon claw and hit Aizawa’s leg. Ryukyu realizes that it’s a quirk-deleting round, and Aizawa wastes no time in pulling out a knife to plunge into his own leg. After Mirio’s attack, the heroes realized that cutting off the blood flow would stop the serum from spreading across the body.

A Massive Risk

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No one in My Hero Academia has ever attempted this, and Aizawa will be the first to sacrifice his own leg to make sure he doesn’t lose his quirk. Aizawa had already made it clear that he is practical and is not afraid of taking big risks for the greater good.

In short, the fate of the My Hero Academia heroes currently rests on whether Aizawa can stop the spreading. There is also an equal chance that he can lose a limb and his quirk at the same time.