Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich is a Chilling Account of Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims

The story of Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell

Do you remember Jeffrey Epstein? Yes, whose documentary got released in 2020. The other equally blamed person from his life was Ghislaine Maxwell. She was his ex-girlfriend, and a major part of his illegal activities. If you loved watching Jeffrey Epstein’s documentary, then this Netflix series is a sure shot for you as it will cover all the detailed actions of his ex-girlfriend. Check out the trailer below:


Jeffrey Epstein being a child abuser/sex trafficker, has someone related to him that was his friend Ghislaine Maxwell. Talking about her story, she had 3 victims against her and out of them 2 were undercover. Annie Farmer does everything and fights the case following her identity being revealed. The case was stretched so long, that the victims were tired of asking justice since 2000s.

Source: Global News

The main information about Maxwell is revealed by the attorneys who were against her. From defending their clients to pointing the tiniest event of crimes, they do a great job in providing the detailed information about the case. Also, in the film we will get to know if Ghislaine Maxwell gets to hide her cruel acts because of her privilege or not. The Police officers and lawyers adds up to providing evidence against Maxwell.

The film being directed by Maiken Baird and Lisa Bryant with and producer Lori Gordon-Logan is going to be quite different from Jeffrey Epstein’s documentary as it will be film and it is more like an extension to Epstein’s documentary with so many unknown and behind the scenes facts. The one hour and forty-one minutes of suspense and thrill is what you are going to enjoy. Starring Salli Saffioti, Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, it is going to be interesting to watch especially for the viewers of Jeffrey’s Documentary.