Michelle Janavs Heir to the Hot Pockets Sentenced 5 Months in Prison.

Michelle Janavs, the heir to the hot pockets riches, was sentenced five months in prison. Janavs conspired to get her daughter into college through dishonest means. She along with other famous personalities are part of one college admissions scandal.

Janavs’s family invented Hot Pockets which can be microwaved and eaten and also earned a fortune by selling the company to Nestle. Janavs has apologised for her immoral actions and hurting the people around her. She also said that she was sorry for creating an unfair advantage for her children.

She’s not alone in this!


Nearly two dozen people have cheated their way into having their children admitted to prestigious universities. They have paid large amounts of money to fake their kids’ credentials and have them pretend to be top-performing athletes for sports they never played. People were also paid to cheat on entrance exams.

Janavs who is from California paid $100,000 to the consultant Rick Singer for assigning a proctor to correct her daughter’s ACT answers. She also paid $200,000 for a fake credential of her daughter as a beach volleyball recruit at the University of South California. Janavs was arrested before her daughter was accepted into the university.

An innocent mother or just cunning?

Elise Amendola

Janavs was shown as a devoted mother and a benefactor in front of the judges by her lawyers. They portrayed that she was deceived into the scheme by Rick Singer and that she fell for his “manipulative sales tactics”. She was claimed to be overwhelmed by the love for her children and how difficult the competition of college admission process is.

The lawyers claimed that Janavs has dedicated all her life to helping underprivileged children through volunteer work and charities. They further said that her character doesn’t justify her actions and that she is a good human being.