Tyra Banks Teaches Four Year Old Son to “X out booty standards”

Tyra Banks twenty years ago started with America’s Next Top Model and hasn’t looked back since. She is now not just a supermodel and a producer, but also a mom. Her son has copied off her special “smize”. She told Good Morning America that her son York Banks Asia who is only four years old knows perfectly well how to do her “smize”.

Banks who is also an advocate for accepting the beauty of all shapes and sizes said that her son also follows her example. He celebrates every body’s spectrum of sizes and shapes.

“X out booty standards”

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I “intercept” your feed to share the ‘fit I rocked during my speech at the #UpfrontSummit. And yeah, happened on a football field. #XYoBootyStandards

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She further added that she is teaching her son to love all body types and cross out any pre-conceived body standards. The slogan “X out booty standards” is being used a lot by her four-year-old son. He also said that his mother’s “booty” is bigger but that is alright.

Banks also talked about ModelLand, her empirical attraction, and enterprise that will open new doors in the modeling world. It will also give n opportunity to let people feel more beautiful than ever.

What is in ModelLand?

America’s Next Top Model has been adapted in one hundred and eighty countries. In the history of television, it is one of the longest-running reality television shows. Banks said that the show helped in giving people recognition and exposure to the modeling industry and helped them grow. Lots of male and female models have benefited from the show. She wants to bust open the door to let more and more people into the industry and make them feel loved.

Banks said that ModelLand is for living the modeling fantasy. It is located in Santa Monica, California and will be opening this year in spring. She wants to give people the full experience of being a model in ModelLand, from fashion shows to photoshoots to spas and a lot more.